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Monday, June 5, 2017

the best of grand cayman

This past March, I dusted off my passport and spent a week at the Caribbean Club on the island of Grand Cayman. Located just steps from the gorgeous soft white sands of Seven Mile Beach, it was a perfect location for a relaxing getaway.

But as much as I love spending an entire day sitting on the beach, I had to leave my lounge chair and explore a bit more of this small British territory. We spent a day driving around the tiny island stopping at a few of the more popular spots such as Georgetown, Rum Point and Hell with a few lesser known spots sprinkled in along the way.

Further inland on the island, we explored the Cayman Crystal Caves. These underground caves were formed millions of years ago thanks in part to water erosion from changes in sea levels. Within these caves are multiple rooms where spectacular stalagmite and stalactite crystal structures have formed and continue to evolve to this day. Hundreds of years ago, pirates used these caves as hideouts and as shelters from the elements. There are even rumors of pirate treasure buried here.

 Getting off the land and into water, we took a boat to a few snorkeling spots where we swam among colorful fish and delicate coral reefs. The island is known to have the best diving/snorkeling in the entire Caribbean. We even had the chance to get up close and feed wild stingrays in the shallow sandbars of the North Sound.

Grand Cayman is quite the gem! I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to tag along with my boyfriend's family to one of their favorite islands in the Caribbean.

Have you been to the Cayman Islands?

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